Snow Park

Snow Mastiii is a chain of snow-themed parks operated under Mastiii Zone which features a myriad of fun activities for adults and children alike. Snow Mastiii offers attractions such as snow animals, snow slides, snow sculptures, snow DJ, snow climbing, mannequins, igloo mazes, etc. There is a special Gondola ride and three varieties of slides viz. Long, Round and Child slide, Colorful Tree with Fan, and a Hanging Bridge as some of the unique and first of their kind activities added to any Snow Park. You’ll be offered warm jackets, shoes, socks, and gloves so that you can have tantalizing times without freezing out there. In the age of photos and videos sharing, Snow Mastiii has taken care to make various jaw-dropping photo points. The fun starts from the waiting area itself where there are lots of photo opportunities amid a sensational snowfall experience.