29 / 08 / 21

Adventure Ride

Airborne : Let's Play Trampoline Indoor!

We have come a long way from the age when going out on movies or cafeterias were our last options. Along with, fitness, where would you head when being fit tops your priority list for the month?
The gym has become too mainstream and regulates you more than your hectic work schedule allows, therefore, we, at Mastiii Zone, came up with a whole new way of having fun and maintaining your physical fitness along with thrusts of creativity and mental stimulation.
Trampoline Park at Mastiii Zone is the airborne way we devised to de-stress folks and provide them with a whole new fitness model which is way more refreshing and rejoicing than what mainstream methods have to offer.
Here, your kids can try their hand at bouncing, jumping and doing somersaults which will certainly pull you back to your childhood days. There is a sponge based foam pit which is crafted to amplify the overall experience of hopping and parkouring. People of all ages can drop by and start rebounding and rebouncing.

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