02 / 01 / 24


Masti Zone Arrives at Palm Walk, Ludhiana: Fun’s Knocking on Your Doorstep

Here's introducing their latest venture at Palm Walk, Ludhiana – an exhilarating addition to the Masti Zone lineup. Prepare to be a part of this dynamic setting, where each passing moment sends an electrifying thrill down your spine. If you happen to be in the area, make sure not to pass this lively spot by – add it to your list of must-tries. 


Nestled against the scenic backdrop of Palm Walk, Sidhwa Canal, Sangowal, Ludhiana, Punjab, Masti Zone is expanding its presence, aiming to enhance accessibility to enjoyment for everyone. This strategic expansion reflects their commitment to redefining past achievements. With each opening, the amusement company redefines the landscape of enjoyment, seamlessly weaving together relaxation and rejuvenation. This Ludhiana venue represents the epitome of their commitment to introducing a fresh approach to fun – a dynamic space where children's physical fitness is nurtured, creativity finds its wings, and mental engagement takes centre stage.


As a family-friendly gaming destination, this new outlet is not just an entertainment hub; it's a haven for families seeking a blend of recreation and bonding. Whether you're in need of a respite or a mental refresh, Masti Zone invites you to take a step toward unwinding and creating cherished memories with your loved ones. 


Masti Zone Ludhiana aims to lift your spirits by offering a great time at the facility, featuring non-stop gaming experiences such as Sky Racer, Drop Tower, Bumper Car, Go Karting, Zipline, Rocket Ejector, Roller Coaster, and a challenging Climbing Wall. Against a backdrop of cutting-edge modern technology, our ambiance strikes the perfect balance. 


Masti Zone proudly operates more than 24 outlets, securing the position as the second-best amusement centre in the country. Each Masti Zone outlet spread across India, offers a comprehensive experience on its own. The current emphasis is on enhancing the consumer experience by making it diverse and inclusive. The authors are actively striving to provide personalised experiences that cater to people of all age groups, their commitment is to ensure that every visitor enjoys a unique and enjoyable time, contributing to their goal of being a top-tier destination for fun and entertainment nationwide. 



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