28 / 08 / 21

Snow Park

Pure Fun in Summers: A lot of variety is on offer!

Intense heat waves have geared up Indians for warmer than usual summers in 2021. Barely surviving the humid summers, it isn’t gonna get any cooler for India. But this indoor snow attraction, Snow Mastiii can be your perfect host for the season, northerners can enjoy sub zero temps in a pictur-esque version of the partly frozen snow heaven.
The family friendly snow spot offers the conditions all-round the year but the best can be made out of the Arctic park in the summers. The array of offerings makes it an ideal summer hangout for those who live for the thrill of a challenge, kids and adults alike.
It’s a perfect destination to hit when you feel like being in need of a major break or getting away from it all and satiate your ice cravings, the snow park provides plenty to resort to, activities to do and soak in. All the right gear is here!
It is a creative take on traditional snow parks as it goes a step ahead in offering a wide diversity of acrobatic activities ranging from Snow Zorbing, Snow Climbing, Adult Tube Slides, Kiddie Tube Slides to Hanging Bridge, Snow Castle, and Snow Disco. We reckon the coolest aspect of this Delhi based gem is that visitors can wander through the puzzling lanes or climb on the sidewalls and celebrate the season; cold or warm.
With the multitude of activities to do, it’s certainly an attraction any time of the year and it goes unsaid that boredom can’t reach you into the depths of frozen snow and the gorgeous sights of Polar bears.

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