01 / 10 / 21


Harness the Power of Innovative Gameplays

Step inside Mastiii Zone to get lost into narrative adventures as the immersive VR games take you to dangerously enthralling passages and pastel cityscapes. And that’s not all! Visually styled arcades at the picturesque GameZone are lined up to blend unique and refreshing gameplays for you to navigate beautifully without missing even an ounce of the psychological thriller.


Don’t let the horror of the ‘the house of dead’ fool you, the rather harmless room is full of mischievous surprises (revealing more would serve as a spoiler, apologies). However, one can’t afford to miss the rare experience of spaces that allow the supernatural to mingle with the living as they unravel the cursed mansion.


I’m sure you’ll need company to enjoy the exhaustive variety encompassing fantasy lands, immense powers, the best of 2D and 3D worlds, redemption storylines, and the suspenseful yet enchanting consequences of each ride! Make sure your favorite protagonist realizes her dreams, would you help them see their wishes come true? Land at Mastiii Zone today, as they hang in there for you.

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