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4 Ways to Celebrate Children's Day with Mastiii Zone and Make it a Hit for Your Little Champ

This year, help your little superstar celebrate children's day in a more fun and frolic manner at Mastiii Zone wherein the beautifully crafted weapon choices coupled with quirky role plays will allow them to overthrow ferocious monsters while having a heart-warming adventurous time with their clan. Another entertaining element for kids of all ages is that they can stop off and explore shady forests and wonder worlds of their imagination through our immersive VR games. Mastiii Zoners believe that 'the child at one's heart' shall never die and thereby an exhaustive range of entertaining games for all ages! 


1) Choose your car with different appearances at Bumper Cars: This Children’s Day, experience another level of the fair favourite, Bumper Cars. You can bash all your friends out of the way and smash their car as hard as possible while making sure you don't get your tiny ride wrecked.


Some crazy drivers await to side track you, are you ready for the challenge? The objective is simple, to not give rein to other bumper cars and be the last ranger standing after knocking your buddies off the platform. Be exalted as you take command of some of the most advanced bumper cars and go head-to-head with your mates in a super-friendly bumper car battle at Mastiii Zone, stationed at The Grand Venice Mall, Greater Noida. 


2) Rebound and rebounce at Trampoline Park to destress from school homework:  The conventional jogging and morning walks have become too mainstream and regulate your kid than their hectic school schedule allows, therefore, we, at Mastiii Zone, came up with a whole new way of having fun and maintaining kids' physical fitness along with thrusts of creativity and mental stimulation.


Trampoline Park at Mastiii Zone is the airborne way we devised to de-stress folks and provide them with a whole new fitness model which is way more refreshing and rejoicing than what mainstream methods have to offer. Here, your kids can try their hand at bouncing, jumping, and doing somersaults which will certainly pull you back to your childhood days.


3) Snowy adventurers for a change at Snow Mastiii: Apart from the snowy carpet dances, your kid can enjoy the exceptional Gondola Ride and feel the serenity of the enchanting snowy covers from a height that makes it appear absolutely magnificent. Sounds super exciting? 


It indeed is, wonder no longer where you can avail your kid all the fun promised by our Snow World and visit the Snow Park loaded with attractions such as snow animals, snow slides, snow DJ, igloo mazes, etc. Here's a quick tip for you, the special aforementioned ride inside the snow park which is iconic and first of its kind aligns the scenery of the entire snow park and offers the thrill of gondola carriers on snowy mountains.


The family-friendly snow spot is indeed a perfect destination to hit with your kids especially when they would be feeling like being in need of a major break or getting away from it all and satiate their ice cravings, the snow park provides plenty to resort to, activities to do and soak in. All the right gear for children's day delight is right here!



4) Take a quick tour on VR Bike: Mastiii Zone’s VR bike, which is yet another immersive inclusion in our VR Games section, definitely makes it to the top 5 of our children's days hitlist. The VR Bike extends the gaming experience up to a point where fantasy collides with fitness; it requires physical exertion which seamlessly manages the rider’s gaming avatar as he pedals the bike propelling the game further.


The unique features of the bike are configured to automatically adjust decline and incline while releasing tension which makes the propulsion feel phenomenally real, consuming, and ebbing as the rider goes grabbing points in the game. It is designed to deliver an incredibly realistic riding experience as bikers take off to scale cityscapes.


It is the next generation of goal-orientated gaming which involves the player controlling his motorcycle and finishing in the least possible time. He is supposed to avoid being crashed and use boosters and nitro to move past the cop barriers.


Last but not least, we are certain these super exciting gestures will put a wide smile on the face of your little one's face. The best part? You won't have to grind your brain cells to think of engaging and innovative ways to hold your child captive, Mastiii Zone is always a hit with kids! This year has not been the same as the other ones, make it unique and make it count for your child with Mastiii Zone! 


Happy Children's Day to all the little champs out there!

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