24 / 11 / 21


Quality Time With Family? Check out Great Arcade Collection and Much More at Mastiii Zone

Drab Wednesdays? We're listening too! And the great news is - we'll share your memories with mentions, keep sharing your thoughts and experiences with the hashtag #MastiiiZone and stay abreast with the wider #Mastiii community. Great minds think alike! Ready your A-game to make your family gathering a hit amid carnival games, be the hero you indeed are for them. 


With all the new updates available, you can enjoy new courses with your favorite playable characters at Mastiii Zone. The ravishing arcade collection at Mastiii Zone calls for the right actions and co-op chaos as your next adventure is here, gamers! 


Rambo's promise is to not let the monotony set in, people are having a blast with high-flying trick shots, we know you can put off some of the most challenging battles and we allow you to spend a cozy day nonetheless. The diversity of the settings at this unbeatable arcade mecca is a feast for gamers of all kinds; attack, defense, whichever skillset you'll be having, it will be put to the best use at your favorite GameZone situated in the heart of India, the Grand Venice Mall Greater Noida. Don't worry, we have one in your city as well. 


Seasons are changing, relay races might suit the mood of your family just fine, tell them to aim for the sky as the concluding November bends at their command. Play the Cups in multiplayer modes to keep up-close-and-personal. We have created family-friendly combos for your next family game time session, that could be customized to suit your family's needs. You can swing over to pac-man and street fighter to go brain-to-brain with your siblings, yes make it battle-of-brains and hold your own against the adults and kids likewise.


Looking for a grown-up-friendly collection? Archery & Shooting, Trampoline Park, Zipline, Cricket Simulator, VR Games, Bowling, and 7D Cinema in a combo never disappoints! 


Here to reminisce about all the time you'd spend solving quizzes and shooting arrows, we're excited to hear which game has left you awe-struck this season, we encourage you to have more of it and let the good times roll! Meanwhile, don't forget to keep an eye out for your favorites!

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