24 / 01 / 22

Snow Park

Snow Mastiii: How to Enjoy Life Amid Pandemic by Special Guests

We all have been entangled in strange and constricted pandemic-ridden environments wherein apprehension and melancholy have become staple emotions of the year, we are here with a word of advice from the young champs that will not only boost your mind but will enhance the quality of your life. In times, when becoming anxious is easier than ever, a positive attitude works like a charm. It's imperative to follow social distancing and keep your spirits up. The pandemic isn't the end of happiness, however stagnant; remember to actively relish and celebrate special moments as your physical experience will always influence your emotional experience. 


Child artists Kiaan and Samrat followed straight into our advice and took a break from work and studies to engage in enjoyable wintry excitement. They no longer had to plan a winter vacation trip in advance in order to experience snow adventures as we have compacted the unique adventure for them and you too, both in size and price. The star kids delighted us with their visit for a sensory winter play as they enjoyed lofty snowfalls and the snowball fights which no one wants to miss as it’s the perfect recipe of sweet bonds! It ultimately made them enjoy the pandemic life just a little bit more that could be seen as the kids shared their happy memories on their social media handles, expressing their thanks to Snow Mastiii. 


Hold onto your hat for all the amazingly diverse activities offered inside Snow Mastiii: Snow Zorbing, Snow Climbing, Adult Tube Slides, Kiddie Tube Slides to Hanging Bridge, Snow Castle, and Snow Disco. It doesn't end here, the aesthetically pleasing Snowdome offers plenty of aperture for you to take interesting pictures to be uploaded on your socials. Glittering white mountains? yes, surprise your friends with surreal glacier feels as you forget about summers as well as the pandemic for a little while. Go ahead and grab your tickets now just with a click here.

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