13 / 02 / 22


"Indoor Fun" is the Theme of V-Day 2022

Hello folks, we are back at it again - the time of the year which calls for making special arrangements for our loved ones. We think celebrating love is easy but not exactly amid a world pandemic. It's tricky to find ways to display our affection as the candies lose their flavor and flowers lose their scents in a year that prepared us for the worst. 


When it comes to celebrating Valentine's day we all want to make it a little extra special, sometimes a sweet card is not enough to contain our immeasurable love. We are here to help you be more expressive and creative with your love this Valentine's Day to make it truly unforgettable at Mastiii Zone Grand Venice Noida. A snow-themed park you'd run into is our additional treat. 


You can never go wrong with the finest indoor entertainment facility provided by Modern, yes we have a gazillion of activities at Mastiii Zone and Snow Mastiiii that include the absolute best things to do with your better half for a memorable Valentine's day at a Gamezone which goes beyond conventional dinners and flowers. 


This Valentines' we have a few ideas on how to spend it alongside your loved ones with a smile on all faces. On a hunt for something different? you can browse the exhaustive variety of customizable games on our website. The VR games would allow you to befriend aliens and strange creatures in sinister settings. Other arcades would bring the grind on, telling you it's time to hustle in over-the-top battles!


The games you would bump into during your first visit are just the outermost surface of the fun seated within which would await your vibrant spirit to come and explore the gaming potential of the zone and that in you.


We know we are proposing something different and unique, but we are certain your dear ones will always remember the racing cars, big goofy arcades, and enormous trampoline park that gets destroyingly terrifying with the sense of nerve-wracking excitement.

This V-Day, waltz right in Mastiii Zone where we encourage you to take it beyond the reds and pinks and make yellow your new love language. "Happiness"; indeed is the real deal to be celebrated this year, here's the bigger party! 

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