19 / 08 / 22


Mastiii Zone to Invest Rs. 300 Crore in Upcoming Outlets of Indoor Amusement Centers and Snow Parks


Modern Group-owned indoor amusement chain, Mastiii Zone has earmarked an investment of Rs 300 crore to carry out a massive expansion across India. The group is aiming to bolster its manufacturing rapidly and bring a variety of innovative arcades and rides to boost nitro into Mastiii Zone. 


Mastiii Zone is planning to roll out the expansion in a phased manner and expects to open 50 more outlets over the next three years with an aim to amplify its pan India presence; this time smaller cities also being on the radar. 


Along side arcade centers, the company will be investing a large sum in setting up more snow parks under its brand name ‘Snow Mastiii’ to encash the rise in demand of indoor theme parks; snow theme parks being forte of Modern Group. 


With the opening of over 40 more outlets, the company expects to strengthen the position of indoor amusement facilities jointly offered by Mastiii Zone and Snow Mastiii. “Mastiii Zone is hoping to maintain the momentum and build on the same in the upcoming years,” said the founder of Mastiii Zone, Ankur Maheshwary. 


He also added that India being a booming economy and an emerging global power, is a great market for amusement projects and that he wishes to make good use of all the potential India presents.  


As the global pandemic has severely impacted, rather negatively, the production, workers and enterprises, leading to greater disparities, Ankur added that “be it local manufacturing or additional production capabilities, Mastiii Zone, on its mission to counter one of the worst employment crisis, will ensure more development and employment at once as we continue to go deeper and target the under-served markets.”


Access to enjoyment and leisure is something that undoubtedly requires further development in India, the infrastructure to support the development of the amusement sector also remains a challenge, especially during these times of unprecedented economic fallout from which the country is still recovering.  


With the massive expansion that’s on the cards, we can see a number of Mastiii Zones spread across various cities throughout the country by the year 2024. 


“Our initial projects are operational now in some new locations namely Ghaziabad, Chennai, Jodhpur, and Lucknow, others are scheduled to be launched one after another in the FY23 stretching upto FY24 and FY25.” 


“As the company scale up its operations, Mastiii Zone will continue to strengthen its foothold in the southern and central region of the country,” concluded Maheshwary. 




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