01 / 05 / 23


'Mastiii Zone' Rebranding Itself as 'Masti Zone'



We are clearly thrilled to present the refreshed brand identity of 'Mastiii Zone'. The change to ‘Masti Zone’ marks the perennial evolution of the company since it was founded. While it's a notable change, our core values haven't shifted. 


The new logo builds on an obvious element from the ‘old’ logo. If you pay attention, besides taking down the two additional ‘Is’, the logo font, colors and design stay the same as earlier. The primary purpose behind the new logo that’s bolder and clearer is the ease of use and flexibility. 


As we expand rapidly into new locations, we are also repositioning ourselves in the current market scenario to create a new visual identity that reflects our vision, mission and values more clearly.  The new logo features a more professional and consistent design in a modern, clean and organised manner. It has been incorporated throughout our website, social media handles and other communication channels. 


‘Masti Zone’ is also indicative of the level of professionalism we offer to our customers and the clarity that is associated with the new brand’s identity. ‘Clarity’ is one of the ideas we associate with and wish to propel the same with the advent of the new logo that  accurately depicts who we are at our core as an organisation and a team. It’s not just an altercation in a logo but an effort that coincides with our broadened appeal as we create real value in the amusement industry. 


We have outgrown the old skin and shedded old layers and thus recognised the need for a change in the name for ‘Mastiii Zone’ was difficult to spell, confusing to look at and muddles the brain, at times. We are evolving and shifting –  ‘Masti Zone’, in the succinctness it embodies, will enable our consumers to see us in a fresh new light and multiply our brand’s loyalty. 


Understanding our consumers has led to this significant change which demonstrates our passion and purpose, we’re attempting to avoid consumer confusion and smoothening the customer interactions and experiences with the brand. 


We believe we have come so far by focusing like a laser on consumer experience – focusing on consumer experience is an infallible and evergreen strategy. Besides giving a competitive edge, it is something that really does matter in any business, what the customer has to say about his interactions with the brand. That is what grows a brand image and is definitely worth investing in. Building a reputation with the customer base pays off in ways unimaginable.


In the spirit of rebranding, Masti Zone commits to providing its consumers with services that not only meet but surpass their expectations. We express our gratitude towards our loyal customers for their consistent trust, friendship and support. We’re beyond pleased to present our new brand to you all and invite you to be a part of the company’s expanded mission. 











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