01 / 11 / 23


Amusement Redefined: Masti Zone's Journey of Expansion and Innovation


Masti Zone, a household name in the realm of indoor amusement and gaming in India, is gearing up for an exciting phase of expansion and innovation. The company has an unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality entertainment experiences to communities across the nation. 


The strategic expansion plan of Masti Zone aims to saturate India with its unique brand of amusement. The company is not limiting itself to major cities but is eyeing smaller cities to broaden its reach. By 2024, one can expect to see Masti Zones popping up in various locations, making amusement easily accessible to people of all ages. Masti Zone's expansion isn't confined to traditional arcade centres – it is all set to invest significantly in setting up snow parks and indoor theme parks. This move is a response to the growing demand for immersive indoor experiences. 


Masti Zone prides itself on being a pioneer in combining gaming and amusement parks. The company is strategically choosing larger, prominent malls in key locations to create an even more enthralling and far-reaching experience. The company is hoping to continuously innovate to make indoor gaming more engaging for the modern customer. The aim is to provide grander, more vibrant interiors, and a diverse range of offerings suitable for the new-age customer.


The brand is determined to bolster its manufacturing capabilities and introduce a variety of innovative arcades and rides. This move ensures a fresh and exciting atmosphere for visitors while underlining Masti Zone's commitment to staying at the forefront of amusement technology.


Masti Zone is not walking this path alone. It is joined by ‘Snow Masti’, another division of Modern Masti Pvt Ltd, to strengthen its position in the indoor amusement sector. The synergy between these amusement entities ensures that visitors can expect a continuous wave of new and thrilling attractions. This association is integral to Masti Zone's strategy to maintain its momentum and build on its success in the years to come.


With a keen focus on cutting-edge technology, the brand is set to introduce state-of-the-art gaming equipment, interactive attractions, and innovative digital experiences that will take indoor amusement to new heights. This technological evolution will not only keep Masti Zone at the forefront of the industry but will also ensure that visitors enjoy a spirited entertainment environment like never before. The primary agenda of the brand is to blend the best of technology with the joy of physical space, creating unforgettable moments for all who walk through our doors.


Masti Zone's expansion plans are not just about opening more outlets; they are about transforming the way one enjoys leisure and entertainment. As Masti Zone sets its sights on wider horizons, it promises to bring new concepts to life, ensuring that the joy of gaming and amusement becomes even more accessible and thrilling for communities across India. 



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